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Wellbeing Coaching

Take the time to deal with the unresolved emotional content inside of you – your vibrational density. Face your addictive patterns, your thought forms, your belief systems, your energy and your anger. By having the courage to experience your unresolved emotions you can transform your way of being.

Panache Desai

I know from personal experience that it takes so much courage to honestly examine our lives and to lovingly begin to gather up all of the parts of us that became fragmented as the result of our criticism, perfectionism, judgment, shame, guilt.

I want nothing more from you then to take the first step and willingness to unblock the energy that has been keeping you from your heart’s desire.

Nothing can be shifted in our psychic through resistance. Everything becomes possible for us when we willingly show up for our feelings. They need to be expressed and let go of so they don't fester, build, or escalate uncontrollably. When they are not expressed, and instead are repressed, this sets up a discordance within the body.

There are many ways to access, express, and release buried emotions. The tools I use are designed to help and assist you to freed them up through gentle, deep process in such a way that in the end you have gained in consciousness. You are more aware of yourself, of your emotional totality.

Contact me and let's start from where you are to where you want to be!