Conceived out of passion for living.

Embracing Our Humanity

by Beatrice Geanina

I am simply an old friend that you asked once one time ago to remind you of your own inner magnificient.

Panache Desai

Hello and wellcome!


One of my deepest dreams for Embracing Our Humanity is to be that friend for us. To inspire, nourish, uplifts  and remind  us that we are not broken.

We just need to embrace all of us! All our personality parts, all our feelings, emotions, desires and to be there available for us. In the same way a mother offers nurturing acceptance to her child, the same acceptance and understanding  we need to offer ourselves - this is how I envision Embracing Our Humanity.

May you discover simple life-giving tools that you could use to elevate your life, embracing who you are with self-love, self-acceptance, self-empowerment, self-permission to be who you are, present to your internal experience.

Through Embracing Our Humanity I hope you will feel inspired to cultivate the life you desire from a place of whole and complete, fully committed to yourself.

Thank you for being here!