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Beatrice Geanina

founder of Embracing our Humanity

Beatrice Geanina

Fouder of Embracing our Humanity

My desire is to live in a world where authenticity is valued. I have a soulful longing to connect with others and to share the tools I use to elevate my life. I see my Soul as the place where Divinity meets Humanity. 

Taking care of myself and those around me  brings me true contentment.

My wish is to inspire others to create harmonious, authentic, satisfying lives. I am passionate about my work, seeking truthful connection with the one I work with.

“You are not broken and I am not here to fix you”, I am here to show you how to do it for yourself and I would be honoured to be your gentle guide.


I dream of. . .

...living in the nature, wide open big garden, in the sun, greeting the sea every morning, doing meaningful work, loving 

I love. . .

...the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. Enjoying drinking coffee without rush

...sun, water, candles, gifts that tell stories, dream catcher

...the smell of airports, longs walks, falling in love with souls

...collecting and receiving little stones from different parts of the world

...gathering beauty around me, soul phone conversations

...art, chocolate cake, the word “serendipity”

My Top Books. . .

Narcissus and Goldmund - Herman Hesse

Martin Eden - Jack London

The Seat Of The Soul - Gary Zukav

My favourite date. . .

...on the couch talking about life

My favourite mantras to cling to. . .

...trust life a little bit

...things will work out

...and I leave the list open about me because evolution continues...

My qualifications. . .

  • Psychologist
  • Master NLP Neuro-Programming
  • Personal Growth Counselor
  • The Art Of Breathing Master Instructor
  • Facilitator EQHC (EQHC- Quantum Energy, Healing & Coaching)
  • Access Bars Facilitator